About Us

Singer songwriter Robby Allen has been a mainstay of the mod/garage genre since the late 1980s and earned the affectionate title ‘Lord’ Allen because as he says with what might be a smile: ‘I’ve been around a bit’.

Drummer Pete Summerfield is widely regarded by those in the scene as one of the best in the country, blending impressive technical ability with uncompromising skill and showmanship.

The latest line-up sees the return of Dave Roe to the fold on lead guitar adding his flourishes to the songs bringing extra presence and power to live events. The new look and sound is completed by Matt Murphy on Bass. Long time friend of the band but a first time outing as a fully fledged Kite Collector. Matt brings his own mix of thunder and lightening (see what we did there?) to bring a new energy to old and new favourites.

Known for well-crafted songs with a strong lyrical content, The Kite Collectors were first formed in 2013. Hailing from the South West of England, the band takes their inspiration from the mod sub-culture, early psychedelia and garage rock. The resultant mix of influences and attitudes is a quality blend of infectious melodies and energy that literally fizzles in the ears. Imagine the love child of the Small Faces and the Kinks smacking their head against a wall whilst listening to Medway Garage Rock and the Who!

Regularly featured on the sub-culture independent Internet radio stations in the UK, Europe and USA, the band has an impressive output – in just three years they have released two albums, a mini-album and a CD single. The members (fondly known as the ‘kites’ by the ‘Glory Days Choir’ that follow the band and sing along so passionately) have an equally impressive history. The band’s fourth album ‘Never Look Down’ is available now on Paisley Records.