Shockerwick 135

Shockerwick 135, released October 7th 2017, available to order now on CD & Itunes  via Paisley Records


Reviews of our last album Clockface

Perfect for anyone looking for contemporary mod music

Wiltshire based trio The Kite Collectors have taken a cue from The Who and made their second album a concept album. The protagonist is a character called ‘Clockface’ and each of the 14 songs tell of a different person who he meets during a day in his life. The band wear their influences on their sleeves and there are strong traces of Paul Weller, Steve Marriott (Small Faces/Humble Pie) and Medway garage supremos The Prisoners. ‘Time Slips Away’ and ‘Let Me Use Up My Time’ are reminiscent of the Modfather’s ‘Wild Wood’, while ‘Phoney Prince’ and ‘Modern Age’ evoke memories of The Jam circa ‘All Mod Cons’. In short, this album should be perfect for anyone looking for contemporary mod music with a respectable nod to the greats of the genre, without resorting to cliches. (7/10)

Lee Cotterell, Vive Le Rock Magazine, UK

Hook you right into the ‘Feels’

The new collection of songs from The Kite Collectors is called “Clockface”.  This is one of my favorites of 2016!  The emoting vocals hook you right in the “Feels!”  The imagery of the lyrics…the tight band.  I wish someone would get me a plane ticket so I could fly to ANYWHERE  The Kite Collectors are performing to see them….Another thing to add to my “Bucket List”  “See The Kite Collectors before I die!”

   Jim Prell, The Music Authority Radio Show,  Florida, USA

The Kite Collectors album Clockface – Fantastic Walk Through Life

Mod Radio had the pleasure of being asked to listen and review ‘Clockface’ the new album by ‘The Kite Collectors’.
Having played this a few times in private we will be listening many, many more times to the fantastic walk through life with the character ‘Clockface’.  Please let yourself be entertained by this album it really is a reflection that mirrors trials and tribulations of everyday life.
Fabulous to hear great tracks themed with innovation, inspiration and meaningful lyrics – give yourself a treat!”

Mod Radio

“What a wonderful album that is.”

Tommy Clark, Third Class Ticket Radio Show

“Having played this album through a number of times I have to say from start to finish it is certainly a well crafted, musically inspired and gifted Album, each track rolls to the next with superb lyrical content, beautiful music and an honest vocal which Robby Lord Allen portrays from the heart. I didn’t know or realise or even appreciate just how talented this band are to keep changing the goalposts with their musical ability!! Anyone who doesn’t own this is missing a treat 10/10.”

     Face Alan May 6 Towns Radio, Glory Boy Radio Show

“I was really looking forward to hearing the new output from The Kite Collectors, so was very exited when it arrived in the post and well all I can say is it is not a good album, it is a brilliant one!!!!! No duff tracks, no filler just cracking tunes, infectious melodies, toe tapping head nodding brilliance from start to finish. The album has a recorded live feel about it that creates a wonderful atmosphere, and I can’t wait to see the band perform on stage again!”

DJ Rookers Radio Dacorum

“If Clockface the new Kite Collectors album, is not already in your collection, what are you waiting for? You get fourteen first-rate scorching tracks which have all been fairy dusted with Mod, Psych, and Sixties influences, so that has to be a winner in the Psychedelic Sweet Shop! Robby Lord Allen is an excellent songwriter in the Ray Davis mode and this is especially evident in ‘Wonder’, ‘Made In Britain and ‘Watch the Bad Day Come”.

Nick Herbert, The Psychedelic Sweet Shop

“It really is rather good! …Really worth a listen, a really beautiful album.”

Paul Groovy, The Paul Groovy Radio Show

“You might not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can judge this fantastic album by its cover. The thought provoking art for the eyes is translated into art for the ears by each of these finely crafted songs. The Kite Collectors have transcended their influences and have established their own voice. Don’t just listen to this, put aside some time to really hear it.Fuel for daydreams.”

P. Francis

“Fantastic  album…brilliant.  I listen to it all the time!”

Gaz Heckman, Beat Generation, Cowbell Radio

“Clockface…Go find it, seek it out!”

Speed of Sound UK, Psonic Sunday

“I’ve got mine! This is fantastic!”

Pilar Pop Sicles